The Hawk Returns

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Schedule

Team 1 versus Team 6
Team 2 versus Team 5
Team 3 versus Team 4

The three winners shall all play against each other.

I suggest all the fans to stop leaving me wise comments. If you have anything helpful to say about these games, then do.

You could also write to me at:

Round One

The teams stay.

At the end of Round One, we knock out one of the teams!

Before I get into the details, I would like you'll to tell me - Which is the weakest team?

To keep it fair, I have deleted all comments by the players!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

WOmen as friends?

I always thought that women always hated the other. Especially if they were competing for the attention of the same person.
In the blog world all of that changes and the women apparently love each other. Or so they claim.
I always would have thought that Miss 0 comments would be jealous of Miss 5 comments who would in turn be envious of Miss 100 comments.
I think there is a problem with team balance and also the women are getting too comfortable with each other, so I am going to change the teams.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Team One

I think I will begin with a post on showcasing each of the teams. I would like to begin with Team One, as it is one of my fave teams in the list.

There are four fascinating women in the list. I can’t really decide who is the weirdest among them.

The biggest loser in the group is undoubtedly – Megha. She is also probably the world’s most popular loser. Amazingly full of herself, she is the dumbest blogger around. But she is funny and the people who leave her comments are even funnier, they all take on filmi id’s and leave her comments that are far more sillier than her posts. Her earlier posts weren’t this bad. It would seem that since the time she discovered how much fun 100 comments on a post can be, she has begun to pander to her large male audience.
You must read her last few posts to know what I mean. One is on the naming of her son and the other to do with something on ants. One total behnji she is.

A contrast is Neha, rather intelligent and boring. Her every other post is a piece of poetry that nobody really understands. This and the fact that she is married, saves her a fan club. Which is good, that way she doesn’t need to pander to anyone. There is a tone of superiority in most of her writings. I think she is the one I like the best among these four women.
She thinks that women priests must be allowed in temples. Sure sure. If our forefathers didn’t allow women into temples, there was a reason for it!

Of course none can do the superior tone better than the other two Bloggers of this team.

There is Buchu, who is just arrogant. Nothing more. That is a typical Stephen’s chick characteristic. Her tone towards all her commenters is either dismissive or confrontational. She is also very weird like only Bengalis can be.
Check her dog, cat pictures to know what I mean. She also seems to support the likes of Britney Spears and has some other strange links.

A bit similar is Primalsoup. It is no mystery why she calls herself a Smug Bug. She is actually a bit like all the three women mentioned. She does write posts only about herself and what she thinks, she is intelligent in that superior way and her tone towards her commenters are always confrontational and bored. I am not sure why people leave her any comments at all.
It is tough to say, what the theme in her writing is. She writes about all kind of weird stuff about her life. Some people with privileged lifestyle can probably relate to what she says. She also seems to think that her readers will care about her father’s death. I say that he had a lucky escape than to be saddled looking after a daughter like her. Though by and large she is very entertaining.

This team should work well together. Neha and Megha are anyway very good friends it would seem. Primalsoup and Buchu are nobody’s friends, so it really doesn’t matter. Besides some of the friendliness of he first two women, might rub of on them.

Other teams will follow soon, please be patient!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Greetings Once More...

I am back after the shortest of breaks. I have decided that my muse shall remain the same - the Indian women in the Blog world! And I will even be nice to them and play the game that they like to!

To make this far more interactive, I have shortlisted 24 women blogger with varying degrees of popularity and method behind their madness and loser qualities. But put together they will synergistically contribute and take care of the shortcomings of the other.

I propose a contest among these women, for our entertainment naturally. I will follow up with posts on what the game would entail and the rules.

For now, here are the teams.

Each team will have:
1. Captain - Read the Queen of the Blogging sweepstakes and the longest list of admirers
Soundbytes Manager - Read feminist/socialist/leftist/etc.
Strategy ManagerRead angsty, weepy, thinking, weird people
The Entertainers – Read Tams, Bongs, Snobs and assorted creatures