The Hawk Returns

Saturday, June 03, 2006


When I say Team One is the strongest team, the other teams must be happy. It means on the losers scale, they are marginally better!

Since I am anyway getting very fond of Rimi, I will profile Team 3 next.

The ranking of my favorite individual members now is as follows:
1. Neha
2. eM
3. Primalsoup
4. Rimi
5. Mint Chutney

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Team Two

While I really like Team One best, Team Two is almost as good.

For starters it has the fabulous eM. Yes she is fabulous, haven’t you read that on every post of hers! There isn’t much that one can say about her, but she represents the growing breed of city-bred women, the types whose hold over values are very suspect. But to her credit she is honest. She doesn’t even bother about being terribly intelligent. She is my favorite person in Team Two.

Next is Annie, the writer in theotherindia blog. One can’t be entirely sure of what her posts mean, with her pretend intelligence and reverse snobbery. However, since every team needs one intelligent person I included her for this team.

Mint Chutney, my favorite married woman Blogger. She is to most of these women Bloggers a window into the great USA way of living. And you can see all her commenters salivating when she posts some hundred pictures on each post. May be she can’t write too much. Every furniture rearrangement is captured on her blog!

Teleute – very very weird. The typical kind of Bong woman. Her posts are amazingly silly. Of the 24 women in the list, she should qualify for Miss Weirdo the best!

That is it about Team Two. Fairly good chance to seriously challenge Team One, which is the strongest team.

Next I shall profile Team Five, the dark horse!