The Hawk Returns

Saturday, February 17, 2007

There has been too much of fun happening while I have been away. The ugly Madrasis getting all worked up and righteous. Screw them all.

It is time to revive the game. I am a little bored of my old teams and have decided to add a male in each team, to motivate the women.

The team stays. Though if any team wants to kick out people they can let me know. We could have a reserves list.

Women are getting boring. So the men will be good. For entertainment purposes.

Team 1 Jai Arjun
Team 2 Vulturo should be good(I really like this guy)
Team 3 Falstaff (Apologies girls. Only one team can have him)
Team 4 May be Patrix? Or some one like that. I let the girls pick.
Team 5 Sagnik
Team 6 Recommend any Bengali/Tamil Male Blogger please?